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Diver Chris Mears among British Olympians going naked for gay magazine

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Chris Mears in Gay Times

Gay Times, the British gay magazine, is out with its annual naked issue and this one features British Olympians, including what the magazine calls the "ridiculously cute" diver Chris Mears. In an interview, Mears said he met some of his gay friends through fellow diver Tom Daley (hmmm, eyebrows raised). Mears has a great sense of humor about the whole thing:

“I’m trying to steal [Daley's] gay fan base by doing this shoot! I have no issues at all being around gay people and I know a few people through Tom who are gay and I’m good friends with them.

"I’ve got quite a few gay followers of my own through Twitter – I went from 1,000 before the Olympics to 110,000 after it. And I’ve had a couple of funny suggestions, normally guys asking for foursomes with me, Tom and Jack Laugher.”

Other athletes featured in the magazine are gold medal boxer Luke Campbell and judo athlete Ashley McKenzie. The magazine is also available for download for about $6. Proceeds will go the the Terrence Higgins Trust, an HIV prevention organization.

Here are some more images of Mears, including from the 2012 Olympics (click image for larger view):

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