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Podcast: Jason Collins still a free agent. Gay Bowl XIII kicks off.

Openly gay NBA player Jason Collins still has not had a team sign him. And Gay Bowl XIII kicks off in Phoenix. We're there!


When NBA center Jason Collins came out publicly in the spring, we at Outsports felt it was nearly a foregone conclusion that he would start the 2013-14 NBA season on a roster. While rumors of various teams' interest have been floated, Collins is still at his home in Los Angeles unsigned, and in all likelihood he won't take the court in game one of the season. Is it homophobia? Or is it the plight of most 34-year-old bench players struggling to find a home? We dissect the situation.

Every Columbus Day Weekend, we head to the annual Gay Bowl. This year it's in Phoenix. Jim will be playing for the Los Angeles RebeLAlliance while Cyd will be officiating games. We're the only two people to have participated in every Gay Bowl -- and Jim will become the only person to have played in every Gay Bowl. Will San Diego repeat? Can NY or LA get back on top? Or will a scrappy team from Phoenix become only the third home team to win the tournament? Stay tuned...

Listen:  Podcast Oct. 9, 2010: Jason Collins still a free agent, Gay Bowl XIII is here