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Podcast: Coach fired for gay slur, trans coach beloved

While Eastern Michigan fired coach Ron English for a gay slur (and for having a terrible record), a Rhode Island high school has embraced trans coach Stephen Alexander

Stephen Alexander talks to his boys high school soccer team
Stephen Alexander talks to his boys high school soccer team

Eastern Michigan fired its head football coach after he used gay epithets in a rant directed at players following a loss. But was he fired for the slur, in an act by the school to defend the LGBT community -- or was he fired because his team had a terrible record and he was an inept head coach? By the way, they won their first game after he was let go.

Last week we had the story of trans high school coach Stephen Alexander, who came out in his rural, conservative community in Rhode Island. Cyd talks about how the story came about, from flag football in New York City to reconnecting after so many years.

Also coming out publicly last week was Matt Korman, a swimmer at the University of Texas. We talk about the implications of his coming out in such a "red state."

Listen:  Podcast - Coach fired for gay slurs, trans coach accepted for who he is