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Podcast: Was a gay NFL player ready to come out this year?

Mike Freeman exposes reported cold feet by an NFL team and player, and a conspiracy by some teams and the NFL to track gay players


Listen:  Podcast - Was an NFL player ready to come out earlier this year

This week, longtime columnist Mike Freeman brought the story of an unnamed NFL player who was reportedly set to come out publicly earlier this year with the support of a team that was intent on signing him. But, according to Freeman's report, the team backed out after seeing the reaction to Jason Collins (which seems strange, since it was a one-week story full of positivity).

We talk about the story and, frankly, some of the problems we had with it, namely: 1) The lack of named sources and specifics about the team and player in question, and 2) How these speculation stories hurt LGBT athletes.

Forgive us if we're a little gun shy with stories about anonymous athletes, but we've been burned before and have been forced to take extra steps to ensure we're not reporting on liars or phantoms. So we approach this story already with our guard up. It's likely that some day this athlete will come out and shed all the light in the world on this saga.

Listen:  Podcast - Was an NFL player ready to come out earlier this year