Tom Daley came out publicly as bisexual (though he didn't use that term) this week in a personal video talking about dating a guy and still fancying girls. It was an interesting choice to make a big announcement like this, rather than doing it in an interview or a well-produced TV segment. Does Daley's choice — along with how Robbie Rogers chose to come out — mark a shift in how athletes are coming out today?

Speculation shifted quickly to who could be Daley's new boyfriend. Rumors pointed to screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who allegedly met Daley over the summer. But one reporter in England insists the two are not dating; And a comment by Daley about not knowing if his "love at first sight" was gay or not seems to eliminate Black, known for being, well, gay.

Listen: Podcast – Tom Daley is dating a man, but is it Dustin Lance Black?