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Yes Virginia, there are sports on an Atlantis cruise

Courtesy of Philip Bradley

When my partner, Dan, and I signed up for last week's Atlantis cruise in the Caribbean, I quickly realized we'd be halfway to St. Maarten during the Super Bowl. When I approached Atlantis about hosting a Super Bowl party on the cruise, they told me that less than 20 people would be watching the Super Bowl and it didn't make sense for them. Instead, over 100 people were in the downstairs bar intently watching the game in the second half, and double that poured in to watch the halftime show.

Sports were everywhere on the cruise, and it surprised me. Not only did many guys want to talk sports with me, the ship offered a surf-simulating FlowRider that was very popular. There was also a basketball court that had people shooting hoops every time I walked past it. And when we hit Labadee, the beach volleyball court was packed the entire time.

Plus, there was the obligatory jock-themed dance party to give everyone a good excuse to wear wrestling singlets and tight football pants -- an opportunity my friends and I gladly took advantage of.

While I don't think next year's cruise will be during the Super Bowl, no doubt the preponderance of sports and sporty guys will continue to grow on gay cruises, as it has been in the gay community at large for years.

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