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Oscar Pistorius dropped from It Gets Better project in South Africa

Sprinter Oscar Pistorius, the "blade runner" who captivated audiences at the London Olympics, has been dropped from the soon-to-be-launched South African It Gets Better project following murder charges against him. From The Times:

In his video, which will no longer be included in the campaign, Pistorius said: "Just remember that you're special. You don't have to worry. You don't have to change. Take a deep breath and remember 'It will get better'."

It's been strange to watch some of the biggest names in men's individual sports get torn down over the last couple of years. Tiger Woods was the worlds' most-beloved athlete until he cheated on his wife with have of the Bronx. Lance Armstrong was a hero until he admitted to cheating. Now Pistorius, an inspiration for many and known in South Africa as simply "Oscar," is looking at spending much of the rest of his life in jail.

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Sep 6, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Oscar Pistorius (RSA) competes in the men's 100m T44 final during the London 2012 Paralympic Games at Olympic Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Leo Mason-USA TODAY Sports