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Tim Tebow's home church is also anti-gay

Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress says Tebow will ultimately make an appearance at his church, which shares the same values as Tebow's church

Tim Tebow (left) preaching the gospel
Tim Tebow (left) preaching the gospel

After Tim Tebow canceled his scheduled April appearance at anti-gay megachurch First Baptist Church of Dallas, pastor Robert Jeffress isn't going down without a fight; And he's actually making a lot of sense.

Jeffress has pointed out that Tebow's home church, the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, teaches the same anti-gay rhetoric as Jeffress. He told CNN:

They certainly believe what we do, that salvation is through Christ alone, and about homosexuality. Tim confirmed that to me last night, that they believe exactly what we do about homosexuality.

Jeffress also said that Tebow was considering un-cancelling his canceled appearance at the anti-gay church in Dallas. From The Daily Beast (via Towleroad):

Just as Twitter was lighting up with the word that Tebow was taking a knee, Jeffress said the quarterback sent him another text message, telling the pastor that "some advisers around him had counseled him that he needed to go ahead and not come and he was going to stick with that decision."

Whatever ultimately happens, Jeffress said the controversy will not stop him from villifying gay people and the homosexual lifestyle.