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Mike Florio: NFL Teams Want to Know if Manti Te'o is Gay

Despite his denial, NFL coaches and executives obviously still wonder about the sexual orientation of the Notre Dame linebacker

Manti Te'o
Manti Te'o

ProFootballTalk impresario and NFL expert Mike Florio was on the Dan Patrick Show today to talk NFL Combine. When asked about Manti Te'o, Florio said the "elephant in the room" is that "teams want to know whether or not Manti Te'o is gay."

He told Patrick that teams wouldn't necessarily drop Te'o from their draft board if they suspect or know Te'o is gay, but that they just want to know what they might be getting into if he is. You can watch the video of the exchange below.

This shouldn't be too surprising to anyone. Questions have loomed about the sexual orientation of the Notre Dame linebacker since it was revealed that his famed girlfriend 1) didn't exist and 2) was actually a man who was 3) romantically in love with Te'o. He denied that he is gay, but the fact that teams want to ask him about it tells you how believable the denial was.

Hat tip to Towleroad.