High Heels and High Sticking

Jeff Gross

We’re lucky to have a number of great writers, nearly two dozen gay guys who cover their favorite NHL teams. One in particular stands out - a goalie and coach who writes about the suddenly hot, Columbus Blue Jackets. But Lyssie isn’t just one of the guys in our stable; she is our sole trans writer. Lyssie went to her very first hockey game on Tuesday night - as a woman, and she wrote a remarkable piece for us.

Tuesday night was her very first time in public presenting as a female, and appropriately, it was at an NHL game. She was the guest of a Blue Jackets exec, Pete Olsen, and they watched from the arena’s Social Suite, as Columbus took on the Vancouver Canucks. This is a heartwarming piece that recounts how she did her own makeup for the first time, her heels, outfit, and a little bit of nervousness. And she deftly combines the personal with the professional, a solid analysis of the action on the ice. NHL players, working with Patrick Burke and You Can Play, help lead the way towards sports equality. Lyssie is not only a beneficiary of that hard work, but is also on the front lines. Join the Battle!