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Gay water polo player Mike Crosby testifies before city council in his speedo

The West Hollywood City Council members weren't complaining, even if they did pass an ordinance banning his attire shortly after the testimony

Mike Crosby speaks to the West Hollywood City Council
Mike Crosby speaks to the West Hollywood City Council
Photograph by Jon Viscott

Our old friend Mike Crosby of West Hollywood Aquatics made a splash (pun intended) at a recent West Hollywood City Council meeting when testified before the council in, shall we say, non-traditional attire. From Wehoville:

File this one away in the "only in WeHo" category: In only a Speedo, local water polo player Michael Crosby took to the public comment podium at Monday night's City Council meeting to express his approval of the city's plans to build a whole new recreation center, including two pools on the rooftop.

In the ultimate irony, the City Council later approved "code of conduct" rules (unrelated to Crosby's stunt) requiring speakers to wear shoes and a shirt, although the rules did not include pants.

Crosby was a stand-out water polo player at Harvard when we discovered him and, with Andy Towle, put him on the cover of Genre magazine. Since then he's been a staple of the WH2O water polo team, which has been the best LGBT water polo team over the last decade (and beyond)

Hat tip to the Advocate and Wehoville. Find more photos by photographer Jon Viscott on his Web site.