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Gay sports roundup: Martina Navratilova says gay male tennis players hide

Buda Mendes

Our latest roundup of media coverage of gay sports includes Martina Navratilova on gay tennis players; Chris Kluwe and his new book; Charles Barkley; and the founder of a gay sports wesbite.

Gay male players hide in the closet, say Martina Navratilova | Mail Online
Tennis great Martina Navratilova, 56, says gay men still feel oppressed on court and many are still in the closet, during an interview at London Pride launch.

Chris Kluwe LIVE - HuffPost Live
"How much better would gay players play if they didn't have to hide who they were?" the NFL punter says.

Bruce Arians and Charles Barkley in agreement on gay athlete issue --
Bruce Arians and Charles Barkley in agreement on gay athlete issue. "A hundred percent agree with that, one-hundred percent, a thousand percent," Barkley said. "I've said many times to a lot of reporters who have never been in the locker room, to a lot of fans who have never been in the locker room, we've all played with gay players."

Chicagoan creates gay sports online network - Windy City Times
Tyler Foerster went away from the norm for his New Year's Resolution for 2011. That's when he purchased a domain name and began designing a logo and development begun. Six months later, Foerster's resolution came to fruition when the US Gay Sports Network ( was launched. Two years later, his resolution isn't just alive—it's thriving.

POLL: Who's Your Favorite Gay Athlete? --
When it comes to the wonderful world of sports, we can think of at least 24 reasons to be proud. Check out our inspiring list of openly gay male athletes and vote.