Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young and his wife, Barb, will be keynote speakers at the 2013 Affirmation Conference for LGBT Mormons. The conference, titled New Fronteirs, will take place in Salt Lake City, Sept. 13-15.

According to the Web site:

New Frontiers is about expanding our vision around the unknown possibilities and opportunities for LGBT Mormons. We will explore how we can come together as a community of LGBTQ/SSA Mormons, partners, spouses, families, friends, and church leaders.

The Youngs are Mormon and have been supporters of the LGBT community for years. In 2008, they posted a sign in their yard opposing Proposition 8. More from the event's Web site:

Another commitment that the Youngs have had for many years is that of bringing more understanding and love to the LGBT community, beginning with the many gay and lesbian friends and family members that have blessed their lives. Barb and Steve have been long time supporters of the Trevor Project, an organization providing "crisis intervention and suicide prevention services" for LGBTQ youth; the Family Acceptance Project, a research-based organization that uses a "culturally grounded approach to help ethnically, socially and religiously diverse families decrease rejection and increase support for their LGBT children"; and individuals doing great work in the area of teaching us all more what it means to "Love One Another."

Steve played college football for Brigham Young University. He is a descendant of Brigham Young, president of the LDS Church from 1847-1877.

Affirmation has at least 17 chapters across the United States.

Check out New Fronteirs' Facebook page and the conference's Web site.