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Olympics roundup: Boycott discussion running in circles, gaining no traction

While it has gained non traction, the calls for boycott keep coming from a few corners of the LGBT world. And they're not going anywhere.

Quinn Rooney

A Winter Olympics Boycott Is Not the Answer to Russia's Anti-Gay Laws - Dashiell Bennett - The Atlantic Wire
The upcoming Winter Olympics has put Russia's anti-gay laws in the center of the coverage of the games. The best way to get more attention is for this conversation to keep going all the way through next February, not by boycotting the games.

Sports Lawyer: Russia’s ‘Stalinist’ Anti-Gay Laws ‘In Hopeless Conflict’ With Olympic Charter | The New Civil Rights Movement
A sports lawyer offers this insight into the legal relationship between Russia as an Olympic Games host country, Russia’s legal commitments to the International Olympics Committee, and the IOC charter itself.

Eye On Hockey - Will Russia's anti-gay laws affect hockey in Winter Olympics?
Russia is standing by its anti-gay laws that prohibit propagandizing even for the Olympics and its athletes. Could this affect hockey?

Interview: Russian Artist Slava Mogutin Backs Boycott of Sochi Olympics |
The artist has asylum in the United States, and he calls the Winter Olympics Putin's "pet project and propaganda vehicle."

Russia 'gay hate' Olympics: Stephen Fry and David Cameron hold secret summit on rights abuses | Mail Online
The secret summit took place in a private back room at The Grapes pub in Limehouse, east London.

Outrage Over Russian Anti-Gay Law Halts Similar Bill In Armenia| Gay News | Towleroad
While public and international outrage surrounding Russia's institutionalized homophobia doesn't seem to faze president Vladimir Putin, or any other member of the Russian government, human right activists still have reason to celebrate. Thanks to an unexpected victory in Armenia, we...

Olympic Committees Are Disgracing the 2014 Winter Olympics | Scott Wooledge
From day one, the Olympic committees and the corporate sponsors have sought to spin their way out of this story as though it were just an unflattering gossip item on Page Six. Will they next invite U2's Bono to appear at the opening ceremonies and hope that all will be forgotten?

Don't boycott Russia's Olympics: Joe Schlesinger - World - CBC News
Russia's controversial new law banning public discussion of non-traditional sexual relationships is provoking an Olympic-sized backlash around the world. But an outright boycott of the Sochi Winter Games is not the answer, Joe Schlesinger writes.

Rupert Everett backs Sochi Winter Olympics boycott over anti-gay laws - News - Films - The Independent
Rupert Everett has joined the campaign calling for a boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympics in response to Russia’s anti-gay laws, describing the country’s attitude to homosexuality as “very cruel”.