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Podcast: Fallon Fox gets an apology. Can Kerry Rhodes get a job in the NFL?

As Fallon Fox prepares for her Oct. 12 championship fight, she receives an apology from Matt Mitrione for his anti-trans comments.

Kerry Rhodes still has not signed with an NFL team
Kerry Rhodes still has not signed with an NFL team
Christian Petersen

NFL free agent safety Kerry Rhodes has been the center of public gay rumors and speculation for the last few months, stemming largely from claims by a man that the two had a relationship. Now some NFL writers are claiming that Rhodes can't get a job in the NFL because he may be gay. We cast some doubt on that speculation.

When trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox came out publicly in March, a whirlwind of commentary from the mixed martial arts world followed. UFC fighter Matt Mitrione contributed his voice to the conversation, using some pretty hateful language. Now Mitrione is apologizing for what he said, even though he still has questions about whether trans fighters should be in the UFC. HE also talks about his acceptance of gay people. Graciously, Fox accepted Mitrione's apology. Now she prepares for her big fight on Oct. 12.

Listen:  Outsports podcast Sept. 19, 2013 - Kerry Rhodes gay rumors, Fallon Fox gets apology