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Out speedskater Ireen Wüst wins Olympic gold medal

Wüst, a Dutch star, wins her third career gold by taking the 3,000 meters.

Irene Wust has now won 3 Olympic gold medals
Irene Wust has now won 3 Olympic gold medals
Quinn Rooney

Ireen Wüst, an out lesbian bisexual speedskater from the Netherlands, won a gold medal in the women's 3,000 meters today at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Afterward, she tweeted this photo of her celebrating:

Wüst has now won three Olympic gold medals in speedskating, a hugely popular sport in the Netherlands. She came out in 2009 after saying she had a girlfriend, but then grew tired if answering questions about her personal life and has stayed focused on her sport.

Wüst is one of seven open LGBT Olympians in Sochi, all of them women.

Update: A reader in a comment says Wust identifies as bisexual, not a lesbian.