The double standard for eyeing eye candy

Christiano Ronaldo never disappoints. - Lars Baron

Stumbled on this website of a filipina diplomat's wife and thought how differently we view women admiring women and men admiring men.

Obviously she is not "lusting" after Sergio Ramos's (former) girlfriend. But her posting of a sexy picture of another woman is something most people in most cultures would not blink at.

However if a gay man did the same thing for the husband or boyfriend of a famous female athlete, it would be considered frivolous and - well - gay!

The response from many homophobes would be to disparage the gay man as some sort of threat to the man being admired.

It is an interesting cultural phenomenon that seems to extend across the boundaries between East and West, North and South, rich and poor, etc.

Some might conclude that the widespread nature suggests it is the natural order of things and therefore must be accepted because it is the norm.

But then murder is a similar "norm". Maybe admiring is universal and harmless.