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From the Bench, Epis. 5: Can the NFL change locker room culture?

Cyd Zeigler and Wade Davis talk about the NFL's efforts to change locker room culture and Adrian Peterson's doubt that it can.

The NFL is focused on changing locker room culture to reflect the growing diversity in our culture. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says it's nice but won't have an effect. Can locker room culture change? And how did the incident with the Miami Dolphins, plus the drafting of Michael Sam, accelerate the NFL's efforts?

Outsports' Cyd Zeigler and You Can Play's Wade Davis share their thoughts from inside and outside of the locker room.

Wade talks about being in locker rooms under head coaches Jeff Fisher and Mike Holmgren, and how the two cultures were different because of how the two men differed in their coaching styles. Fisher now coaches Michael Sam, and the locker room Sam experiences is likely to be much like the one Wade encountered.

Cyd shares stories from his Theta Delta Chi fraternity experience at Stanford and why he thinks hazing is an outdated, overrated bonding tool.