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Tony Dungy said he disagreed with "Jason Collins' lifestyle" just last year

Tony Dungy made it clear last year that he doesn't agree with people being gay in their lives.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Dungy's homophobia is becoming a hot topic again this week after comments he made to the Tampa Tribune that he would not have drafted openly gay NFL then-prospect Michael Sam.

This isn't the first time Dungy has expressed negative views about gay people. He previously raised money for an anti-gay organization in Indiana. Just last year he tweeted that he still does not "agree" with Jason Collins being gay. He tweeted this in response to a question by Stampede Blue:

We are curious to see how Dungy and NBC Sports try to spin Dungy's latest comments. He has a history of statements and actions that do not support gay people. Will he simply come out and make clear that he still believes homosexuality is a sin and that he doesn't "agree" with people being gay?

Or will he, like a coach afraid to draft a gay athlete, hide cowardly behind spin?

My guess is he'll tell us exactly what he thinks...