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Ice Bucket Challenge at the Gay Games swimming pool

Cyd Zeigler takes Brian Sims' Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of longtime Outsports reader Mark Kari. He recruited some Gay Games swimmers to help.

When Brian Sims called me out in the Ice Bucket Challenge, participating was a no-brainer.

Outsports' dear friend and longtime reader Mark Kari has been diagnosed with ALS. He's been feeling the symptoms for quite a while, and the disease is now deeply affecting his life. Mark was the creator of and is truly one of the sweetest people I've met through Outsports. So when Brian's challenge came through Twitter, Mark was the first person I thought of and of course I had to do something.

Mark, I dragged together these guys in speedos at the Gay Games swimming pool for you. Know that you are in our thoughts on a daily basis and that we love you. We'll also be making a donation to ALS research, and I'm so proud to help bring some awareness to this disease.

Now it's time for Anthony Nicodemo, Jim Buzinski and my sister, Jessica Zeigler, to step up to the ice bucket...