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Lesbian surf camp opens in Brazil this May

If you've ever thought about learning how to surf, this might be the best chance you ever get.

Keala Kennelly is an out lesbian pro surfer.
Keala Kennelly is an out lesbian pro surfer.
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Ever want to learn how to surf in a safe environment with other lesbians and gay-friendly women? A company called Brazil Ecojourneys has created the getaway for you - a surfing camp just for lesbians and their female friends.

The surfing world by many accounts is not the most LGBT-friendly in the world, so it makes a ton of sense that someone would create a surfing camp like this. And in beautiful Brazil - very cool.

From the camp's creator:

"I surf all the time, and I'm usually the only lesbian out there, surrounded by heterosexual men. I see how there really aren't many opportunities for gay women to get together and learn to surf in a friendly environment," said Marta Dalla Chiesa, owner of Brazil Ecojourneys. "Here's the chance for a group of women of all sizes, ages, skill levels and nationalities to come together to learn a beautiful sport and enjoy an amazing vacation together."

Prices for the week range from $1,299 to $1,799. And just in case you're wondering, no Outsports doesn't get a cut of the camp and no they're not advertisers. We just thought the camp looked like a lot of fun. Check out their Web site for more details.