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Between Gronk's butt and Marshawn Lynch's crotch, it will be a sexy Super Bowl

It might be the best reason to watch Super Bowl 49 between the Patriots and Seahawks.

Rob Gronkowski in the playoffs vs. the Ravens.
Rob Gronkowski in the playoffs vs. the Ravens.

As I have written before, the Seattle Seahawks vs. the New England Patriots is the Super Bowl from hell and my least favorite matchup in the 49-year-history of the game. It's MRSA vs. the flu; either one is nasty and gets you sick. But at least there might be more flesh shown than in any game, so fans gay and straight can get excited.

New England has tight end Rob Gronkowski has a habit of exposing his butt when opponents try and bring him down:

gronk butt1


At least seeing Gronk's butt crack is accidental. The Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch loves to grab his crotch after scoring a touchdown, as he did Sunday against the Packers:


Lynch did the same thing last month and was fined $11,500 by the NFL:

It just confirms that football is a totally homoerotic sport, which will make the Super Bowl appointment viewing despite having my two least-favorite teams playing.