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Outsports Podcast: LGBT angles of Oregon v. Ohio State, plus predictions for 2015

We talk about the LGBT angles of the big national championship game between Oregon and Ohio State, plus what to expect for the rest of 2015.

Oregon last played Ohio State in the Rose Bowl in 2010.
Oregon last played Ohio State in the Rose Bowl in 2010.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

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College football fans finally got the national championship game they've been clamoring for for years, and it doesn't include anyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line! Oregon will take on Ohio State in the grand finale, and there are actually some story angles that lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans fans may find particularly interesting. There are former band members and people at each school offering support for gay athletes.

We also dive into some trends, forecasts and predictions for the world of LGBT sports in 2015. Will we have more big-time pro athletes come out? What is the key work ahead of LGBT sports activists? There's a lot to be done and lots of hearts and minds to change, even as so many young people in sports are coming out.