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These are the 23 athletes from ACC schools who have come out as LGBT

Virginia and North Carolina lead the list of ACC schools with current and former LGBT athletes who have come out publicly during or after their college careers.

Tom Luchsinger was a standout swimmer for the Univ. of North Carolina, even as he struggled with being gay.
Tom Luchsinger was a standout swimmer for the Univ. of North Carolina, even as he struggled with being gay.
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A list of athletes that attended current Atlantic Coast Conference schools who have previously come out as LGBT. Most of these athletes came out after they completed their college career.

The list below includes the athlete's name, their school, their sport, the years they competed, along with the how and when they came out publicly.

Boston College
Jose Estevez: M. XC/Track 2011-12 / Aug. 21, 2013 (Outsports)
Lee-J Mirasolo: W. Hockey 2004-08 / Oct. 2011 (G-Force speaking tour)

Beatriz Gigi Fernandez: W. Tennis 1982-83 / April 25, 1993 (March on Washington)

Keturah Jackson: W. Bkb 2005-10 / 2010 (Fearless)
Lauren Miranda: W. Rowing 2012-Present / 2015 (Duke project)
Michele Van Gorp: W. Bkb 1997-99 / June/July 2004 (Lavender mag)

Florida State
Jane Geddes: W. Golf 1979-82 Aug. 29, 2010 (New York Times)

Georgia Tech
Roy Simmons: Football 1975-78 / 1992 (Phil Donahue)

Greg Louganis: M. Diving 1978-80 / June 18, 1994 (Gay Games)
Tanner Wilfong: M. Diving 2012-Present / Nov. 28, 2015 (Roanoke Times)

North Carolina
Stephen Bickford: M. Soccer 2005-06 Aug. 21, 2012 (Gay4Soccer)
Tom Luchsinger: M. Swim 2009-12 Dec. 14, 2014 (Outsports)
Warren Perry: M. Swim 1999-2001 April 5, 2013 (Athlete Ally)
David Testo: M. Soccer 2001-02 Nov. 10, 2011 (Radio Canada)

N.C. State
Hudson Rains: M. Diving 2009-13 / 2013 (Fearless)

Notre Dame
Matt Dooley: M. Tennis 2011-14 / March 3, 2014 (Outsports)

Ed Gallagher: Football 1977-79 / 1993 (Radio-Canada)

Parker Camp: M. Swim 2010-14 March 5, 2014 (Outsports)
Angela Hucles: W. Soccer 1996-99 2013 (You Can Play speaker)
Sarah Huffman: W. Soccer 2002-05 July 25, 2013 (Athlete Ally)
Lori Lindsey: W. Soccer 1998-2001 Sept. 5, 2012 (AutoStraddle)
Sharnee Zoll-Norman: W. Bkb 2004-08 June 27, 2013 (Windy City Times)

Wake Forest
Katie Brenny W. Golf 1998-2002 Dec. 6, 2010 (Minnesota Daily)

If we missed a current or former athlete at an ACC school who has come out publicly as LGBT, please do let us know at and to Erik Hall at