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Johnny Weir wears a Tron outfit to the Super Bowl

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski clearly put a lot of thought into their Super Bowl outfits.

Johnny Weir is pretty in black and blue for the Super Bowl
Johnny Weir is pretty in black and blue for the Super Bowl

Well, Johnny Weir has certainly outdone himself. His attire for the Super Bowl will have to be the talk of Super Bowl parties in Chelsea and West Hollywood - heck, everywhere from Boston to Albuquerque - as NBC tries to lure people into their pre-game broadcast for the next few hours.

Weir hasn't disappointed with his outfit for NBC's coverage of the Super Bowl tailgate parties. To summarize:

  • The costume designer for the next Tron movie is taking notes.
  • Johnny Weir doesn't know how to apply eye black. We love you Johnny, but unless you're going for the cat-whiskers look, that's
  • The jewel-encrusted football yarmulke will be available at Macy's by March.
For her part, Tara Lipinski looks fabulous in a silver dress. They are quite a duo.

Yet the question remains: How many "Johnny Weir at the Super Bowls" will we see for Halloween on Santa Monica Blvd. in October.

Johnny Weir Super bowl outfit