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Why did Dwight Howard just grab his teammate's crotch?

Dwight Howard grabbed Houston Rockets teammate Isaiah Cannon's crotch. Like, really grabbed it. Intentionally. On TV. For real.

Houston Rockets forward Dwight Howard has been out with an injury, but that hasn't stopped him from attracting what seems to be some much-needed attention for the NBA forward. After making "headlines" with his choice of attire on the bench over the last week, Howard grabbed attention on Wednesday after, well, grabbing his teammate.

Walking back to the bench following a mid-game interview with ESPN's Heather Cox, Howard approached his seat, reached down and grabbed the crotch of teammate Isaiah Cannon. To be clear, his hand didn't accidentally brush up against Cannon's leg, Howard looked down, spied his target, carefully positioned his hand and went in for the grab.

It's odd behavior, even for Howard. While people talk about the concerns with having a gay teammate in the locker room, neither Jason Collins nor Michael Sam nor Robbie Rogers would behave like this. The problem I've said for years is that straight guys love to get naked with one another and, yes, grab each other's butts and penises.

They love it. It's part of "bonding." They're just afraid that if a gay guy's in there, this stuff they're already doing becomes a little "gay."

Of course, none of it is appropriate in a workplace. But most of these guys don't view it as a workplace, they view it as a fraternity house where they get paid.

Howard also thinks lavender is cranberry, but we'll chalk that up to some color blindness maybe?