This gay college lacrosse player wrote 420 love poems to his boyfriend


There are a lot of stories of college athletes coming out. I have posted my frustrations about why I don't come out, despite the fact that I'm happily in a loving relationship and my parents would not be prejudiced against me for being gay.

I read an article online written by a college student who had decided he didn't like being gay because he didn't think traditional romance and fidelity were possible in the gay world. This bothered me a lot, because I know they are possible: I'm living them. I want to show people like him that there is hope for romance and true love for gay men.

I'm very much in love and wrote a love poem every single day to my boyfriend. My faculty mentor has convinced me to share those poems with the world.

But, I'm not "out," and I don't like the word "closeted." I feel that it's become a stigma in the gay community. Due to increased acceptance, many gays are now intolerant of people who aren't out. Because I am so concerned with protecting my privacy, both my mentor and I must use pseudonyms. Knowing my school, you can look at the roster and find me easily. People have done it before. I hope you will respect my desire for anonymity.

In the introduction, posted on my website, I also talk about my frustrations with feeling pressure to come out and not to conform to traditional gender roles in my relationship despite the fact that it feels natural for us. You can read the full introduction here:

Here's one of those poems:

All I ever wanted
was a plastic knife and spoon
or a small toy rover,
skating 'cross the moon.

All I want now
is an ecstatic night and cuddle
with my cosmic boy lover,
causing him to swoon.

Ever so slightly
we peek open the door,
clanging masks and pedals,
racing evermore.

we peak over the whole,
making graceless faces,
rating intercourse.

and mongrel nymphs,
plated in evergreen.

a condomless knight
plays up near a spleen.

and built beds
'tween their wars.

by two heads,
his and yours.