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San Diego State's mascot hottest in NCAA Tournament

We wouldn't mind seeing a lot of him in lieu of the game.

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament starts in full Thursday and you will see dozens of shots of the various school mascots. We did a list of the "gayest" mascots in the field, while SB Nation did a mascot death bracket.

But in terms of sheer hotness, no one beats the student(s) who portrays the San Diego State Aztec's mascot. Other schools hide their students inside mascot costumes. Save for the cheesy head dress and accessories, San Diego State let's their mascot strut his stuff. And it's pretty impressive.

You can catch more of him when San Diego State plays St. John's Friday at 9:40 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images


Photo by Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports