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Cubs call up Kris Bryant, hottest new guy in baseball

Love him for his bat or for his looks, Chicago is glad to finally have him on the roster.

Getty Images

Tonight is the night Cubs fans have waited for all offseason -- third baseman and budding superstar Kris Bryant is being called up to the active roster, according to multiple reports. Baseball has a hot new star and I mean that both in performance and looks.

Bryant, who was held in the minor leagues until today because Cubs wanted to screw him contractually by holding his rights a year longer (look it up), tore through spring training with nine home runs. He also seems incapable of taking a bad photo, even when sticking his tongue out:

Kris Bryant tongue

When I posted the eight Cubs who would turn a straight guy gay, Bryant drew the most buzz. These Getty Images photos show you why:

Kris Bryant2

Kris Bryant3

Kris Bryant4