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Aussie rugby player grabs opponent's penis during match

Player who was grabbed laughs off incident as 'hilarious.'

Korbin Sims grabbing Willie Mason's penis.
Korbin Sims grabbing Willie Mason's penis.

Korbin Sims of Newcastle in Australia's National Rugby League grabbed the penis of Willie Mason, a former teammate who now plays for Manley, during a game Saturday. Willie laughed off his willy getting grabbed by calling the incident "hilarious."

"I thought it was hilarious," Mason said. "I hope it doesn't [get Sims in trouble] because me and Korbin are really good mates and I think it was just unlucky, the timing of it all. I knew what he was doing - I was talking to him while he was doing it. I was sort of laughing, I didn't flinch. I knew what was going on. It was quite funny to me. He's just a good, young kid and I would hope nothing would be done about something like that.

"That's just two teammates for the last three years having a good old ... reacquaintance."

A "reacquaintance"? Hmmm, is Mason telling us something? Despite Mason being gracious about the whole thing, the National Rugby League might punish Sims for his grab.