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LGBT Sports Summit kicks off in Portland

The fourth annual LGBT Sports Summit brings together 120 leaders in the LGBT sports movement. The event is hosted by Nike.

LGBT Sports Summit 2014 attendees march in the Portland Pride Parade.
LGBT Sports Summit 2014 attendees march in the Portland Pride Parade.

The fourth annual Nike LGBT Sports Summit kicks off today in Portland, Oregon, with an impressive collection of LGBT athletes, coaches and sports advocates.

The Summit was created in 2012 to build communication across the LGBT sports movement and is now the annual meeting for the LGBT Sports Coalition. Working together as a team, the attendees believed then and now that each can be more effective in collaboration rather than silos.

This year Summit attendees will attend powerful and informative workshops on various topics including: how to take care of yourself after coming out; tips on leading training sessions for coaches; creating trans-inclusive policies; creating effective panel discussions; responding to name-calling and bullying; using social media; and many more.

Each attendee will also leave with a plan to implement a project in their local community, be it a small town, school district, university athletic department or anywhere else.

You can follow the Nike LGBT Sports Summit on social media with #LGBTSportsSummit or follow the Outsports Twitter list that features many of the attendees.