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Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit: 'women's sports in general not worth watching'

Despite two great Women's World Cup games today, Sports Illustrated's Andy Benoit says women's sports aren't worth watching in two tweets he ultimately deleted.

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit took a desperately sexist take on today's thrilling Women's World Cup matches featuring England v. Norway and the United States v. Columbia. After MMQB editor Mark Mravic tweeted out a great play bringing England to a comeback 2-1 victory, Benoit tweeted this lovely commentary:

Andy Benoit tweet

It would be one thing if Benoit had talked about his love or hate for soccer (a common theme among American sports writers). Or maybe he might think the whole World Cup hype is overblown. But no, he went after women's sports specifically, that women's sports as a whole aren't worth the time of day. It might be slightly marginally just a little bit more palatable if he said, "meh, women's soccer just doesn't interest me." Again, nope, he said all of women's sports aren't worth watching. Period.

To back it up, he offered a second tweet using TV ratings. He wasn't just speaking for himself, he was speaking as a matter of fact: Women's sports aren't worth watching for everyone.

Shortly after his second tweet, Benoit removed both tweets from his Twitter account I'm sure hoping the whole thing goes away. We'll have to see what Jon Wertheim, Peter King and the Sports Illustrated brass think of Benoit's analysis of women's sports. It might be easy for them to suspend Benoit now, when the NFL is essentially on vacation. Could they take meaningful action that would extend into training camp? We'll see.