Would a gay race jockey be accepted?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I love many types of sports, soccer, tennis, volleyball, baseball etc. But I also love the world of horse racing and over these past many years we have seen gay men and women coming out as gay in the world of sports. But in all my years of enjoying horse racing, we have never seen any of the men jockey's opening come out and say they are gay! Is it because of the status of horse racing, or is it because it is considered too much of a heterosexual sport that a "gay" jockey would be frowned upon if not thrown out of the world of horse racing. I do that there have been in the past gay jockeys...but they didn't come out until many years after they left the life of being a race horse jockey.

The world of the race horse jockey is a very tough life and it seems a life that is also very open to being straight and having girlfriends and being married and having children and a nice why couldn't a gay jockey have the same thing....a great riding career.....a etc.?? Hmmmm will we ever see this wall start cracking and coming down??