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Louisville runner Kyle Covert on coming out as gay on National Coming Out Day

Univ. of Louisville runner Kyle Covert came out publicly on Facebook a year ago today. He’s found tons of support.

Kyle Covert came out on National Coming Out Day 2015

Kyle Covert, a cross-country runner for the Univ. of Louisville, came out publicly in a Facebook post on National Coming Out Day 2015. He shared his thoughts with Outsports a year after opening up to the world:

“Coming out at Louisville wasn't hard for me. I first told a couple of my teammates and then it was sort of a domino affect from there. Eventually, everyone on the team knew and it was nothing shocking anymore. My teammates were nothing less than supportive and accepting. My coach, Joe Walker III, also made it clear to me that he was on my side supporting me and if I needed anything he'd be there. Having support from teammates and having a supportive coach made it much easier for me to be myself and helped me concentrate on being a better athlete at UofL.

“Lucky I haven't had any problems or heard any gay slurs directed towards me. Unfortunately there still are problems like that, but I don't see them often. At the University of Louisville I have felt free to be myself without fearing consequences of what might happen if someone found out. I'm happy to be who I am and the support I have is phenomenal.”

It’s so great to see yet still another story of acceptance in sports, particularly in a state like Kentucky where we’re told LGBT people won’t be accepted.