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Openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz gets title bout in November

Orlando Cruz will take on Terry Flangan for the WBO title Nov. 26. This. Is. Huuuuuuge.

Orlando Cruz v Orlando Salido Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Openly gay professional boxer Orlando Cruz will fight for the World Boxing Organization lightweight championship in November. Current champion Terry Flanagan will defend his championship.

It’s been a long journey for Cruz, who came out publicly as a gay man several years ago. He is also married to his husband, Juan Manuel Colon. The happy couple married in New York City earlier this year.

‘I’ve always been a proud gay boxer,” Cruz said, according to the Daily Mail. “Now I will become the first openly gay world champion.”

Good for Cruz for showing such chutzpah. While Flanagan is undefeated, Cruz obviously isn’t intimidated by that. As well he shouldn’t be.

Cruz is the first publicly out gay man to earn a shot at a WBO title. He has absolutely demolished every stereotype of gay men that exists out there. If he’s able to win the bout, well, only the most obtuse homophobes would be able to continue the mantra of unathletic gay men.

Please forgive us for cheering for Cruz every step of the way.