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Warwick Rowers bare all for 2017 charity calendar

The lads from the U.K. raise money to fight homophobia in sports.

Warwick Rowers

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone who likes seeing very fit, naked, athletic men, you can’t go wrong with the 2017 naked calendar from the Warwick Rowers in Britain.

The calendar, which has become a big hit, helps raise money for Sport Allies, a charity that has grown out of the success of the calendar and raises awareness to fight for LGBT equality, especially in sports. The calendar creators note, for example, there has been a 147% increase in homophobic attacks since Britain voted to leave the European Union.

The linked below seems to indicate there is one openly gay rower on the team since he speaks about his reluctance to join a team sport and how it has gotten better than he expected.

The calendar is the team’s popular offering and sells for $19.99. There are also images, videos and a book for sale on the website.

Here is a video (it shows bare butts if you are clicking at work) and some more images of the lads. You can also check out their Instagram page.