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Oklahoma State fans hung this anti-gay Oklahoma banner in the student union

The banner was hung in the student union.

Baylor v Oklahoma
DeDe Westbrook (left) and Baker Mayfield were the targets of an anti-gay banner hung in the Oklahoma State student union.
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

With the football big game this weekend between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, we know tensions will run high between the cross-state rivals. Sadly some Oklahoma State fans are using homophobia to demean two Sooners players.

This lovely banner was, according to OU Daily and Barstool Sports, hanging in the Oklahoma State student union this week, calling Oklahoma Sooners running back DeDe Westbrook and quarterback Baker Mayfield gay:

Earlier this season, Mayfield was the target of another sex-driven banner — this time by West Virginia fans — that included a homophobic message.

It’s sad that despite all the progress we make, there are still these events driven by backward people linking gay men and homosexuality to weakness. It’s like they’ve never heard of Esera Tuaolo or Dave Kopay or Michael Sam — big, tough men who could crush any of these fools.

Of course, it’s more likely that they have heard of them, do know gay men can be big and strong, and pull this crap anyway.

Of course, no one has taken responsibility for the sign. Why are cowards so often the ones to use homophobia to attack other men?