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Outsports 2016 swimsuit issue for gay men

A take on the Sports Illustrated version, but ours features actual athletes.

Sports Illustrated is out with its annual swimsuit issue, which I call the most boring sports issue of the year for a gay sports fan.

As counter-programming, we present our version, complete with real athletes and not models. The criteria is that the athletes have to be in a swimsuit, shorts or something like that. This rules out pretty much any athlete from a mainstream team sport, but if you happen to see J.J. Watt, Reggie Bush or anyone similar in a swimsuit, let us know ASAP.

Sage Northcutt, mixed martial arts:

swm-Sage Nortcutt

Tom Daley, Daniel Goodfellow, diving:

swm-tom daley

U.S. men's gymnasts in Rio:

Kamaru Usman, mixed martial arts:
Cameron McAvoy, swimming:

swm-cameron mcavoy

Filippo Magnini, Marco Orsi, Michele Santucci and Luca Dotto, swimming:

Sam Mikulak, gymnastics:
swm-sam mikulak

Tanzanian bodybuilders:

Federico Grabich, swimming:
swm-Fererico Grabach

British jocks on the beach:

Jose Guerra and Jeinkler Aguirre, diving:

Simon Dunn, third from left, and his Aussie bobsled mates:
swm-simon dunn

Sean Spencer, mixed martial arts:

David Pocock, rugby:
swm-david pocock

Chinese fitness competitors:

Dustin Ortiz and Wilson Reis, mixed martial arts:
swm-Dustin Ortiz and Wilson Reis

Warwick University rowers:

Nicholas Oliveria, swimming:
swm-Nicholas Oliveria

Sheldon Westcott, mixed martial arts:
swm-sheldon westfall

The end:

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Photos from Getty Images and USA TODAY. Men's gymnastic photos from Instagram of Sam Mikulak. British jocks from "Ripped and Stripped."