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Curt Schilling opposes North Carolina law, says this trans man should use men's room

It's possible, maybe even probable, that Curt Schilling doesn't realize his tweet on Thursday hit back at the North Carolina law that led to his firing from ESPN. Either way, he now supports trans people's bathroom choice.

Laith Ashley is a trans man who is, thankfully, very happy to show off his bod.
Laith Ashley is a trans man who is, thankfully, very happy to show off his bod.

Curt Schilling, the disgraced former MLB player and ESPN commentator who was fired by the latter last month for a disgusting display of transphobia, is hitting back at North Carolina's anti-trans law.

OK, maybe not hitting back. In fact, it's possible he didn't even realize he tweeted in disagreement of it. But when Rick McQuade, a frequent Outsports reader and former police officer, decided to ask Schilling about Laith Ashley, a trans man on the cover of the most recent Attitude magazine, Schilling publicly disagreed with North Carolina's discriminatory anti-LGBT "bathroom" law:

Schilling, of course, would tell you that he's been pro-trans all along despite every other person on the planet seeing his gross Facebook post for what it was.

The example of Ashley is the perfect one to combat the poorly written, unenforceable law that North Carolina Republicans are trying to use to make trans people feel like third-class citizens in the most private moments of their day. The law would force Ashley to use a women's rest room or locker room despite him clearly being a man, all because his birth certificate said "female." But it's clear Ashley belongs in a men's room... and that the Tar Heel State's law is a cynical attempt to marginalize a vulnerable group in our society.

Even Schilling agrees.