Prince Harry pinches nipples before the Invictus Games. Like ya do.

Prince Harry was front-and-center during the Invictus Games. - Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Fellow soldier John Wharton was deeply affected when Prince Harry confronted a bunch of bullying officers who were harassing Wharton for getting a touch friendly with one of their own while drunk at a bar, telling them to 'back the f**k off' and assuring Wharton that it would not happen again.

Harry, who helped found the sporting event for wounded warriors, also surprised a participant in the 2016 Invictus Games in Florida when the cheeky soldier, thought to be former UK rifleman Ashley Coles lifted his shirt to show Harry his tattoo and got a pinch on the nearby nipple to boot. Unfortunately for the 'horrified' soldier he only got a pat on the shoulder after that. But both laughed off the incident.

For all the difficulty Harry has had with his 'casual straightforward bloke' behavior, he comes by his sense of public service honestly. He has been strongly criticized for using the terms 'queer' and 'Paki' but received strong support from members of both communities who took the slights in the context of his actions to support both: apologies excepted

But perhaps his most egregious act toward gays was his taunt to one gay fan Vincenzo Ianniello, who boldly slipped the Prince his number. Harry's response that he would call him if he "changes his mind" about women. Granted, their are 'bisexuals' among us, but Harry is obviously not one. So leading on Mr. Ianniello probably wasn't the most gay-friendly thing to do. Many gay men have experienced the role of 'rebound love' or 'sloppy seconds' for closeted gay men and would not likely appreciate the innocent tease. Vincenzo is obviously not one of them...yet.