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Returning to my hometown to talk about growing up as a gay athlete

On Oct. 6 Cyd Zeigler returns to Cape Cod to talk with local high school athletes and coaches about growing up as a gay athlete on the Cape.

When he was a hurdler at Harwich High School in Massachusetts, Cyd set two high school records.

You can register for the Oct. 6 event HERE.

Growing up a very closeted gay athlete in Harwich, Massachusetts, had a profound effect on me. My experiences in that small town on the Cape helped shape the person I am today, from dealing with bullies and religion to taking time to listen and learn.

From fourth grade until I graduated I was teased for being gay, despite not even knowing I had any attraction to boys until about eighth grade. As I succeeded more and more in sports, winning team MVP awards and setting school track & field records, the teasing abated the last few years of high school.

On Oct. 6 I get to return to the Cape and talk with students, athletes and coaches about my experiences growing up in what is now the Monomoy Regional School District. I hope the schools across the Cape, including Monomoy, will send their student-athletes to this great event created byJonathan Arthur Peters - and I hope some parents, coaches and teachers join us too. I know I'll be sharing some powerful stories, along with two of my inspirations: Coach Stephen Alexander and lacrosse player Braeden Lange. I cannot wait.

You can register for the event HERE.