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Nike unveils BEOREGON, the next generation of BETRUE

Nike is taking its inclusive BETRUE message to the Univ. of Oregon. Could your school be next?

Some in the LGBT sports space have wondered where Nike would next train its resources from its incredibly popular and successful BETRUE campaign. Every year the campaign seems to evolve slightly, including shifting color pallets and a logo that’s just slightly different each campaign.

This week we are catching a glimpse.

Nike has unveiled a BEOREGON line of shirts as part of a new campaign aimed at building acceptance and diversity at the Univ. of Oregon athletic department. The University is following it up with a full embrace of the new BEOREGON campaign, including this video from the athletic department:

Oregon football, the school’s highest-profile team, tweeted out a message of inclusion on Monday:

Beyond the apparel, Nike and Oregon are partnering to bring diversity and inclusion messages to the school’s athletic department. This isn’t just a cute T-shirt.

At the unveiling this weekend were Nike BETRUE stalwarts Robert Goman and Quinton Hawks, both strong advocates for equality at Nike and in the sports world.

It’s a great next step for Nike and the BETRUE campaign to specifically focus on a campus with its message, and the Univ. of Oregon is a great place to start. Will your campus be next? I’m already lobbying for Stanford as the next school with BETREE.