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Robbie Rogers lends support to charity benefitting orphans

Fundraiser will help build a soccer field in Haiti.

Haiti Wrestles With Basic Needs As Recovery From Deadly Earthquake Begins
A boy practices his soccer footwork while next to his neighbors' destroyed homes in Haiti.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Robbie Rogers is lending his support and presence to a fundraiser for the WorldWide Orphans foundation in next week. WWO provides resources to local communities in several countries — including Haiti, Vietnam and Serbia — to enrich and empower the lives of children “to change the world around them.”

Improving the lives of youth is a priority for Rogers, who also works with GLSEN.

“I have seen first hand what love can do for young kids,” Rogers told Outsports. “The World Wide Orphan foundation is so inspiring and the work they do is so important. I was so fortunate growing up with a loving family and I know what kind of love I try to give Caleb every day. Every kid deserves that. To be able to help in any way is such an honor to me.”

The event will be held at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Sunset in Los Angeles on Feb. 22. The $40 event tickets are available for purchase online.

Proceeds from the Feb. 22 event will benefit Worldwide Orphans and will contribute to the completion of a soccer field in Kenscoff, Haiti.