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Lakers feature married gay couple on Valentine’s Day ‘Kiss Cam’

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And the crowd cheered.

Jhamal Robinson, left, and Steve Velkei on the Lakers Kiss Cam.

Los Angeles Lakers season ticket holder Steve Velkei had a thrill on Valentine’s Day. The NBA team turned its Kiss Cam on the crowd and zeroed in on a kiss between Velkei and his husband, Jhamal Robinson.

“It was a real moment and I don't recall ever seeing that before at a game,” Velkei told Outsports. “I am glad the Lakers took the step and the crowd roared. I wanted to acknowledge the moment and get some exposure so that it encourages the organization to do it more.”

Velkei is an attorney while Robinson is a senior vice president at Discovery Communications. The have been together almost 11 years and got married on May 24, 2015. A season ticket holder for 10 years, Velkei worked with the Lakers to have he and Robinson shown on camera that night.

Unfortunately, the Lakers don’t archive footage from the Kiss Cam so we don’t have video. But it was a special moment and it’s great the team did this and the crowd reacted the way it did. The Lakers are not the first L.A. team to feature a same-sex kiss: Baseball’s Dodgers did it in 2015, the NHL’s Kings in 2016. In all three instances, the crowd cheered.