Being my true self as a gay autistic swimmer

My name's Clarence Alexander Pryor. I was born in Staten Island, New York. Now I reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is my coming out story.

I'm 32 years old and I have a disability like autism from this condition called Aspergers. Over the years, I didn't know I have a disability like that. I've grown to adjust to it.

Four years ago in July I was scared and anxious at the time of coming out. After that I told my mom and my friends, the New York City Lifeguards, that I've been coming out gay. After I told them, I felt relieved and I could breathe from the support I received from my family and friends.

Hearing Cooper Robinson and his story on Outsports was brave and I support him and now we're friends because we're both swimmers and we share the same goal to be number one in swimming. I wanna finally become stronger for people who have autism like me and for the LGBT community too. I vow to be stronger for my late grandmother too. That's all I can say.

Thank you Outsports for letting me talk about this. Have a great day.

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