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Podcast: MMA Fighting writer Dave Doyle talks about being gay in a very straight world

Dave Doyle opens up about his personal and professional lives.

Dave Doyle talks publicly for the first time about being gay as an MMA writer.

Dave Doyle has been writing about MMA Fighting for major publications as long as just about anybody. Now a staff writer for SB Nation's and a columnist for Yahoo! Sports, Doyle wants to talk about being gay in an MMA fighting world that seems to take pride in being very, very straight.

We delve into Doyle's personal life as well as his professional life as a once-closeted MMA writer. Plus we tackle his writing about transgender fighter Fallon Fox and how he feels about not being public about his sexual orientation as a member of the LGBT community got hammered by many in the MMA world for daring to dip her toe in their world.

Doyle opens up about his life experiences in both personal and professional ways.

Coming out publicly is just about the most powerful thing an LGBT person can do to advance acceptance of the entire community, and we're proud of Doyle for reaching out to Outsports to share his personal experiences on a very personal, yet very professional, journey.

Listen here to Dave Doyle talk about coming out as gay.