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Gay Olympian Tom Bosworth sets world record

Bosworth set the world record in the one-mile race walk.

Muller Anniversary Games
Tom Bosworth reacts to his world-record time in the one mile race walk.
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

On Sunday, out gay Olympian Tom Bosworth set a new world record for the one-mile race walk at the Anniversary Games with a time of 5:31.08.

"I wanted to make today special because it's the first race walk at a Diamond League," Bosworth said after the race, according to Eurosport. "In an event like mine, which isn’t seen on TV too much and is quite often misunderstood a lot, I think today was a great advert for race walking."

On Twitter his excitement was a bit more untamed:

Last summer he finished sixth in the 20k race walk at the Olympics. Bosworth is already arguably the greatest race walker in British history, as he holds the British records for the 3k, 5k, 10k and 20k, according to Kent Live.

Congratulations Tom Bosworth, who continues to be a shining example that gay athletes can be totally out, totally proud, and totally successful.

You can follow Tom Bosworth on Twitter @TomBosworth.