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WNBA star Rebekkah Brunson and her wife give birth to baby Graham

Rebekkah Brunson has five WNBA titles. Now she is adding to her family with her wife, Bobbi Jo.

Bobbi Jo Lamar Brunson and her wife, Rebekkah Brunson, with their new baby, Graham.
Minnesota Lynx

Minnesota Lynx forward Rebekkah Brunson is a new mom, with her wife, Bobbi Jo Lamar Brunson, giving birth on Sept. 29.

Bobbie Jo has been posting on Instagram about her pregnancy for the last few months, culminating the arrival of their baby, Graham Matteo Lamar Brunson, a couple weeks ago:

While the couple’s big news actually hit social media a couple weeks ago, but it was only when the Lynx tweeted their congratulations message that we saw it this week:

For those of us who’ve followed the WNBA from its inception, this kind of tweet is particularly awesome to see. Twenty years ago the league didn’t want to touch the presence of lesbians and queer women in the league. Now many of the teams and the league embrace it.

Rebekkah has seemingly been in the league the entire time. She was drafted in 2004 out of Georgetown by the Sacramento Monarchs, and since then she’s won five WNBA titles and been named to five All-Star teams. She’s the only player with five WNBA rings. She’s been with the Lynx since 2010.

Even if it’s a little late, congratulations to the Rebekkah and Bobbi Jo on the addition to their family!