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There have been at least 69 LGBTQ Winter Olympians. Here’s the list.

Almost half have been male figure skaters, according to historian Tony Scupham-Bilton.

There have been dozens of LGBTQ Winter Olympians that we know of, starting in 1956.

Tony Scupham-Bilton is an incredible historian who has for years tracked LGBTQ Olympians, among many other pursuits. At his blog, Queerstory Files, he shares his painstaking research about the history of LGBTQ people and the community, bringing to light the names of people most of us have never seen or don’t remember.

Now he’s put out his list of all of the LGBTQ Olympians he knows of over history. These are people who came out publicly or have somehow otherwise been acknowledged publicly as being LGBTQ.

His latest list is of the 69 LGBTQ Winter Olympians over the course of time. While the first Winter Olympic Games were in 1924, his list starts with Ronnie Robertson, an American figure skater who competed in the 1956 Winter Olympics, and gets going in the 1960s.

The country with the most LGBTQ Winter Olympians? The United States of America, with 20. Canada is a close second with 18. The next-closest is Sweden with five athletes. This could possibly be in part a language bias, as Scupham-Bilton and the editors of Outsports are all English speakers; It’s more difficult to dig into archives, or even current articles, in foreign languages.

Male figure skaters make up over 40% of the list — 29 in total. There is only one LGBTQ female figure skater we know of: Fumie Suguri of Japan. Even with all of those men’s figure skaters, this year will be the first time any male Winter Olympian has been out during his Olympic competition, and that includes three figure skaters.

Two athletes — Canadian ice hockey payer Jayna Hefford and Norwegian speed skater Edel Høiseth — competed in five Winter Olympics. Hefford won a silver or gold medal every time she competed.

Geert Blanchart, Belgium, speed skating

Brian Boitano, USA, figure skating

Brittany Bowe, USA, speed skating

Luc Bradet, Canada, pairs figure skating

Belle Brockhoff, Australia, snowboard

Tim Brown, USA, figure skating

Anastasia Bucsis, Canada, speed skating

Jeff Buttle, Canada, figure skating

Caitlin Cahow, USA, ice hockey

Julie Chu, USA, ice hockey

Callan Chythlook-Sifsof, USA, snowboard

Toller Cranston, Canada, figure skating

John Curry, Great Britain, figure skating

Lars Dresler, Denmark, figure skating

Nancy Drolet, Canada, ice hockey

John Fennell, Canada, luge

Randy Gardner, USA, pairs figure skating

Timothy Goebel, USA, figure skating

Joan Guetschow, USA, biathlon

Jayna Hefford, Canada, ice hockey

Jorik Hendrickx, Belgium, figure skating

Edel Høiseth, Norway, speed skating

Erika Holst, Sweden, ice hockey

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Austria, ski jump

Barbara Jezeršek, Slovenia & Australia, cross-country skiing

Peter Johnston, Sweden, figure skating

Lyndon Johnston, Canada, pairs figure skating

Kathleen Kauth, USA, ice hockey

Gus Kenworthy, USA, freestyle skiing

Stine Brun Kjeldaas, Norway, snowboard

Charlene Labonté, Canada, ice hockey

Ylva Lindberg, Sweden, ice hockey

Cheryl Maas, Netherlands, snowboard

Rob McCall, Canada, pairs figure skating

David McGillivray, Canada, figure skating

Cecillia McIntosh, Australia, bobsleigh

Axel Médéric, France, figure skating

Cameron Medhurst, Australia, figure skating

Simona Meiler, Switzerland, snowboard

Eric Mitchell, Canada, ski jump

Ondrej Nepela, Czechoslovakia, figure skating

Brian Olsen, USA, biathlon

Ryan O’Meara, USA, pairs figure skating

Brian Orser, Canada, figure skating

Caroline Ouellette, Canada, ice hockey

Šarká Pančochová, Czech Republic, snowboard

Paul Bonifacio Parkinson, Italy, figure skating

Anja Pärson, Sweden, skiing

Brian Pockar, Canada, figure skating

Eric Radford, Canada, pairs figure skating

Emilia Andersson Rambolt, Sweden, ice hockey

Javier Raya, Spain, figure skating

Adam Rippon, USA, figure skating

Ronnie Robertson, USA, figure skating

Emanuel Sandhu, Canada, figure skating

Matt Savoie, USA, figure skating

Blake Skjellerup, New Zealand, speed skating

Vibeke Skofterud, Norway, cross-country skiing

Fumie Suguri, Japan, figure skating

Sarah Vaillancourt, Canada, ice hockey

Sanne van Kerkhof, Netherlands, speed skating

Sophie Vercruyssen, Belgium, bobsled

Kerry Weiland-Sorbara, USA, ice hockey

Johnny Weir, USA, figure skating

Marieke Wijsman, Netherlands, speed skating

Russ Witherby, USA, pairs figure skating

Christine Witty, USA, speed skating

Marion Wohlrab, Germany, speed skating

Ireen Wüst, Netherlands, speed skating

Be sure to check out Tony Scupham-Bilton’s fantastic Queerstory Files blog for more history of the LGBTQ community. He is also on Facebook, and on email at

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