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Visibility, like courage, is contagious: Trans Day of Visibility

Share your selfies of you playing, watching and loving sports while supporting the right to be who you are on this Transgender Day of Visibility

Hello on this #TransDayOfVisibility!

We invite all our transgender readers and trans allies around the world to share your selfies showing you playing, watching and loving sports, while supporting the right of trans people to be who you and they are.

Tag Outsports in your social media (@outsports on Twitter and Facebook and @outsportsinspire on Instagram) and we’ll post the best ones! Let’s start with out ally Adam Rippon:

“Here’s a selfie from a track workout this morning in Reno!” — Jenna Weiner
Jenna Weiner, transgender athlete
Elliot Govaars is a 15-year-old trans boy and a huge fan of the San Jose Sharks
Marlena Govaars